About Us @ KCARD

The Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (KCARD) is a 501 (c)-3 non-profit organization established to facilitate agricultural and rural business development in Kentucky.  KCARD provides technical assistance, educational opportunities, and business support services to businesses that are mutually owned by producers.


KCARD is supported through grants from the USDA Rural Cooperative Development Grant program and the Kentucky Agricultural Development Fund.  


KCARD’s Executive Director and staff are familiar with various business structures, and they consult with emerging or existing businesses on critical questions related to incorporating, financing, management, marketing, accounting and legal concerns.  KCARD’s staff networks with state and national resources to assist with all aspects of business development.


To deliver professional business support services and stay abreast of agribusiness development activities across Kentucky, KCARD works closely with the following partnering organizations: University of Kentucky, Kentucky Farm Bureau, Kentucky Department of Agriculture, Governor’s Office of Ag Policy, CoBank, Kentucky Council of Cooperatives, Kentucky Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives, and Kentucky Cattlemen’s Association.

Our Mission

KCARD fosters business success and growth by developing and delivering technical assistance and by providing educational opportunities for agricultural and rural businesses seeking to enhance their economic opportunities in and around the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

How we carry out the KCARD mission by:

 - Delivering hands-on technical assistance to new and existing agriculture and rural businesses and by   providing relevant educational opportunities addressing agribusiness challenges and issues.


 - Facilitating new economic opportunities for Kentucky’s agricultural and rural businesses through business development and assistance with the expansion and stabilization of existing rural businesses.


 - Developing support networks among providers and resources both within and outside the state.


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Aleta Botts

Executive Director

Aleta brings various business and management experiences to her position of Executive Director of KCARD. For close to a decade, Aleta worked on agricultural and other issues at the federal level as a policy staffer in the U.S. House of Representatives in Washington DC before returning the Kentucky in early 2011. Since that time, Aleta worked with KCARD as the Kentucky Grant Facilitation Program (AGFP) Coordinator, and has been helping Kentucky producers and others in the state understand the policy process and the farm bill as the Agricultural Policy Outreach Director at the University of Kentucky. Aleta holds extensive experience in management analysis, strategic planning, business consulting, and project management. 


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Brent Lackey

Business Development Specialist

Brent has been a Business Development Specialist for KCARD since July 2006. Brent brings over 3 years of cooperative management experience to the KCARD team. He graduated from Transylvania University with a B.A. in Economics and received his Master’s in Agricultural Economics from the University of Kentucky. Brent has extensive experience in development of new cooperatives, assistance to cooperatives businesses, business planning, feasibility studies, and business management and operations analysis.


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Kati Bowman

Marketing and Communications Specialist

Kati came to KCARD in early 2014 as a Business Development Assistant. She received her Bachelor of Science in Community Communications and Leadership Development with a minor in Agriculture Economics from the University of Kentucky. She has worked for several Agritourism entities in Central Kentucky and held the position of Marketing Assistant/Coordinator at Wilson Nurseries. Kati provides marketing and communications assistance to our KCARD team, as well as social media & web consultations, business development assistance, and recordkeeping assistance.


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Spencer Guinn

Business Development Specialist

Spencer joined KCARD in August 2017 as a Business Development Specialist. Prior to coming to KCARD, he worked as an engineer for Kentucky based companies, developing and redesigning agricultural and industrial products, conducting cost of production studies, and evaluating process efficiencies in new and current manufacturing. Spencer graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering from the University of Kentucky. Right after college, Spencer worked as a field test engineer in Hesston, KS. He tested hay and forage equipment on farms across the United States and western Canada; helping develop new prototypes while obtaining feedback from farmers on their needs and helping show how new technology and equipment fit their operations. Spencer and his wife own and operate a row crop, beef cattle and produce operation. It was on the farm, developing business plans and financials and working with other farmers in various organizations, that led to his interest in KCARD. 


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Myrisa Christy

Project Director

Myrisa has been involved with KCARD since 2012 when she was a grant facilitation contractor. Myrisa’s involvement grew in 2013, when she became the Grant Facilitation Coordinator of the Kentucky Agribusiness Grant Facilitation Program (AGFP) for KCARD. Myrisa obtained her Bachelor degree in Anthropology for the University of Kentucky in 2003, and came most recently to KCARD from the Mammoth Cave Resource Conservation and Development Council, where she assisted farmers in applying for grants. Myrisa has worked with numerous producers in the business planning and the grant process, who have received both state and federal funds, including the Value-Added Producer Grant, the Local Food/Farmers’ Market Promotion Program, the Rural Energy for America Program, and as well as others. 


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Kellie Padgett

Business Development Assistant

Kellie joined the KCARD team in June of 2017. Prior to working with KCARD, she was a crop protection sales representative in both Champaign, IL and Fargo, ND. While working with customers, she not only provided product support but also helped develop business and marketing strategies to help each organization grow. Kellie graduated from the University of Kentucky with a B. S. degree in Agriculture Economics with an Animal Science minor. Before college, Kellie worked on her family’s diversified crop and cattle farm in central Kentucky and also the local garden center. 


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Aaron Shapiro

Grant Facilitator

Aaron joined the KCARD team in fall of 2014 as a part-time Program Assistant. In April of 2015, Aaron was hired full time as a Grant Facilitator to work with the Agribusiness Grant Facilitation Program. Aaron has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture and Computer Information Systems from Western Kentucky University.  Prior to coming to KCARD, Aaron worked with several different agricultural entities in Kentucky to obtain USDA Specialty Crop Block Grants, a USDA Value-Added Producer Grant, a Local Food Promotion Grant, and a KSU Small Scale Farm Grant.  Aaron provides grant assistance to agricultural producers, farmers’ markets, and other agricultural entities working with KCARD.