Instagram for Business 101: All about the VISUALS

Instagram is an online photo and short video-sharing service that has grown in popularity among teens and young adults. This social media platform allows users to share short videos and photos on Instagram and other social media sites.


Client Profiles We Don't Write: Frequent Situations Our Businesses Face

Last year, we spent a month with “client profiles that we do not write” with examples of what happens in businesses that frankly no one wants to talk about when they talk about their business.  Because we see these problems often, we know that many people are working through these issues, and it became a popular feature last year.  This month, we are focusing on frequently experienced business situations and our response, to form another edition of “The Client Profiles We Do Not Write.”


Knox County Farmers Market: A Community Comes Together and Farmers and Consumers Benefit

In 2014, a group of producers and community members in Knox County came together to consider how to provide a market place that would both increase local food sales for farmers in the area and connect farmers, consumers, and the community generally. The Knox County Farmers Market emerged to provide an opportunity for producers, community members, and local organizations to give the residents of Barbourville and the surrounding area a place to visit and purchase locally raised produce, along with a place for the community to gather.


KCARD Connection July 2017

KCARD Connection June 2017

KCARD Connection May 2017

KCARD Connection April 2017

Guest Article: The Center for Crop Diversification

The Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development works with other local, state, and regional organizations in the state of Kentucky who are involved with other areas of agriculture, such as production, food safety, market development, and funding assistance. Much of our work with these partners is done on a client specific basis. To share what great resources the various organizations that we work with have, we will be having “Guest Articles” to help bring awareness to these organizations.

Common Earth Gardens: Continuing Traditions in Louisville Community Gardens

Imagine being uprooted from all you’ve known; your home, farm, and lifestyle, and moved to a new country with new cultural norms and practices in a city where there is very little land around homes and apartments. Common Earth Gardens works with refugees to provide a space for them to grow produce to save money on food costs for their families and to grow food that they cannot find in local groceries.


From the KCARD Files: Social Media Marketing: Searching Your Business

In today’s social media driven world, online information is the first source many customers will use to find out about your business. Monitoring a business’s online reputation and making sure that a company’s online information is positive is a critical part of running a small business. 

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