Common Earth Gardens: Continuing Traditions in Louisville Community Gardens

Imagine being uprooted from all you’ve known; your home, farm, and lifestyle, and moved to a new country with new cultural norms and practices in a city where there is very little land around homes and apartments. Common Earth Gardens works with refugees to provide a space for them to grow produce to save money on food costs for their families and to grow food that they cannot find in local groceries.


From the KCARD Files: Social Media Marketing: Searching Your Business

In today’s social media driven world, online information is the first source many customers will use to find out about your business. Monitoring a business’s online reputation and making sure that a company’s online information is positive is a critical part of running a small business. 

Wildcat Mountain Cheese: Crafting Artisan Cheese in Laurel County

Ronnie and Clara Patton have always been passionate about cheese. In 2014, they decided to share that passion by making cheese to sell through their business Wildcat Mountain Cheese in East Bernstadt, Kentucky.  Now, the business sells over 7 types of cheeses from their on-farm store and at several farmers markets in the region.


Producing Cosmetic Items in Kentucky

Agricultural producers in Kentucky are using raw agricultural commodities including goat milk, cow’s milk, and various herbs to make soaps and cosmetics.  Below are some common questions on these products: 


Do I need a permit?


Palmer Farms Meats: Grass-Fed Beef in Calloway County

Stacie Palmer and her family have always raised cattle on their farm in Almo, in Calloway County Kentucky. When the opportunity arose for Stacie to try her hand at selling grass-fed beef directly to the customer, she took it head on and soon learned she was great at marketing their products.


Kentucky’s Farms to Food Banks Program

Farms to Food Banks, a program of the Kentucky Association of Food Banks (KAFB), pays farmers who bring in surplus or #2 produce to their distribution points.


What crops does KAFB accept?


Sustainable Harvest Farm: Offering a Full Basket of Farm Goods out of London, Kentucky

Nestled off a country road in London, Kentucky, Sustainable Harvest Farm offers fields of greens, fruits, vegetables, and pastures dotted with cattle and hogs.  The farm grew out of a love of the outdoors, wholesome food, environmental stewardship, and rural community life by the owners Ford and Amanda Waterstrat.


Money for Land, Equipment, and More: What to Consider

KCARD is often asked by individuals and businesses how to fund their business idea or latest business needs.  Many options exist for agricultural and food-based projects, but to determine what funding is a good fit, you need to have a good estimate of the amount needed and the type of needs you have and prepare a budget.   


Below are some funding options that range from local banks to crowdfunding websites:


Job Opening: Business Development Specialist

The Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development is hiring an individual to work with agricultural and rural-based businesses seeking KCARD assistance and to lead work on KCARD special projects related to the agricultural and food industries in Kentucky.

KCARD Connection March 2017

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