Farmers Market Funding Possibilities

Farmers markets are a great way to bring a farmers and consumers in a community together. KCARD has compiled this list of programs to help farmers markets learn about funding opportunities. If you have any questions while applying, contact us.  

Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP)

Deadline: Currently closed, expected to open in Spring of 2020
Funding Amounts: A minimum of $50,000 up to $500,000 per grant - 25% match required.
Eligible Entities: Agricultural businesses, agricultural cooperatives, community supported agriculture (CSA) networks, CSA associations, economic development corporations, local governments, nonprofit corporations, producer networks, producer associates, public benefit corporations, regional farmers’ market authorities, and Tribal governments.
Overview: The Farmers Market Promotion Program provides grants for projects that promote innovative ways to promote new market opportunities for direct producer-to-consumer sales. The purpose/objectives of the FMPP grant program are "to increase domestic consumption of and access to locally and regionally produced agricultural products and to develop new marketing opportunites for farm operations serving local markets by developing, improving, expanding, and providing outreach, training, and technical assistance to, or assisting in the development, improvement, and expansion of: domestic farmers markets; roadside stands; CSA programs; agritourism activities; and other direct producer-to-consumer market opportunities".  The funds can pay for a broad range of activities including certain rental costs of land, building space, and meeting space; indirect costs of insurance, indemnification, and certain rearrangement and reconversion of facilities; certain meals; domestic travel; memberships for professional, business, or technical organizations; materials, supplies and parts to facilitate the grant; and certain advertising and marketing campaigns. The earlier you start the process, the better application you can prepare!

Kentucky Agriculture Development Funds

Deadline: On going, applications are due on the last Friday of each month.
Overview: Funds can be used to support farmers market infrastructure and construction projects. Generally, the Ag. Development Board wants to see the county put matching funds into a project. 
Links: Kentucky Agriculture Development Program Page and the 2018 Farmers Market Program Guidelines:
It is good to have a business plan developed before you request these types of funds. The Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (KCARD) can provide free business planning assistance.

Community Farm Alliance (CFA) - Farmers Market Support Program

Deadline: Currently closed, anticipated to open in January 2020.
Funding Amounts: Up to $4,000 for Double Dollars cost and up to $2,000 for Market Manager cost share. $1 for $1 match required
Eligible Entities: Kentucky farmers markets with at least five members that market a majority of their products from farms within 50 miles; and must be incorporated or actively pursuing a legal organizational structure.
Overview: CFA's Farmers Market Support Program provides technical assistance to farmers markets in Kentucky. The program also offers a market manager cost share and a double dollar cost share on a competitive basis. The goal of the program is to help participants improve farm sales, increase the number of market vendors, and work towards creating long-term sustainable local market places within our communities. This is a great opportunity to improve your local market!

Kentucky State University (KSU) Small Scale Farm Grant

Deadline: Currently closed, expected to open in February 2020.
Funding Amount: Up to $5,000 for farmers and $15,000 for agriculture groups benefiting multiple farmers
Eligible Entities: Kentucky farmers and Kentucky agriculture groups including farmers markets
Overview: The KSU Small Scale Farm Grant is designed with the small operation farmer in mind. This grant application is relatively simple to complete and the funds can be used to purchase needed equipment related to the proposed project. To qualify, applicants must be producing a value-added product, be an organic farmer, and/or be an aquatic farmer. Farmers markets are often eligible. Previously approved projects have included canning equipment, a walk-in cooler, a water line to a hoop house, a root cellar, a cool-bot for vegetables, and a trailer for keeping meat cool and recently added farmer education assistance with a maximum of $500.

Rural Business Development Grants

Deadline: On-going
Funding Amounts: Range from $10,000 to $500,000 with priority given to smaller projects
Eligible Entities: Towns, communities, state and local governments, 501c3 non-profits, institutions of higher education, and rural cooperatives
Overview: Rural Business Development Grants can be used for a wide range of activities including planning, training, technical assistance, acquisition of land, construction, renovation, and equipment. Successful projects should focus on ways to improve rural community economic development. This grant is sometimes a good fit for farmers markets! 

Kentucky Proud Promotional Grant

Deadline: On-going
Funding Amount: Up to 10% of annual gross farm income, capped at $8,000 per year; $1 for $1 match
Eligible Entities: Kentucky farmers and agribusinesses
KDA Promotional Grant Application
Kentucky Proud Registration Page
Overview: The Kentucky Proud Promotional Grant is a cost share program to help Kentucky farmers and agribusinesses pay for advertising and marketing expenses. The award amount is based on 10% of direct farm impact; for a farmer it would be 10% of their total farm gross sales. The applicant must be a registered member of Kentucky Proud to apply and use the Kentucky Proud logo/brand in marketing efforts paid for with program funds. Examples of fundable items include TV ads, radio ads, web expenses, hats, t-shirts, demos, sampling, labels, packaging, tradeshows, UPC, and bar codes. This is a great program that helps promote our local farms!

Community Food Projects

Deadline: Currently closed, expected to open in Spring 2020.
Funding Amounts: From $10,000 to $400,000 and from one to four years; requires $1 for $1 match, can be met in-kind (including third party contributions fairly evaluated).
Eligible Entities: Non-Profits, Tribal Organizations, or Public Food Program Service Providers
Links: Community Food Project website and the Request for Applications
Overview: Community Food Projects (CFP) are designed to help reduce hunger by addressing food insecurity issues at the local level. Successful CFP application should involve collaborative partners working together to solve healthy food access issues that affect low income Americans. To prepare a successful CFP application, it is important to get started early. KCARD’s Agribusiness Grant Facilitation Program has a tool kit of resources to help step you through the application process. If you are interested in applying, we will be happy to help!