The Agribusiness Grant Facilitation Program

The Agribusiness Grant Facilitation Program (AGFP) of the Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (KCARD) helps Kentucky agribusinesses learn about and apply for funding.  With the support of business planning and technical assistance available through KCARD, the program is able to help hard-working applicants put together strong grant applications.  We frequently assist farmers with the following: 

  • identify funding options;

  • determine eligibility for grant programs;

  • work through required registrations;

  • understand the grant requirements; and

  • review grant applications.


Is there funding for…?
There is funding for all types of projects and marketing efforts. In general, there is no grant funding available for land purchases, buildings, and equipment. However, there are exceptions to this. Contact us today to talk about your project and what funding options are available. 

What grants does KCARD have available?
KCARD does not manage or distribute any grant funding. We work with you to find, apply for, and manage funding from state, federal and regional funding agencies and funders. 

How do I register for federal grants?
If you are planning to apply for a federal grant program it is necessary to complete several registration processes. You will need to register for a Duns & Bradstreet (DUNS) number and a Systems for Awards Management ( cage code. Depending on the program that you are applying for, you might also have to register with and the Kentucky E-Clearinghouse. These registrations are free, but there are many third-party services/websites that offer to complete them for you for a cost. You will still have to answer the questions and give them your information, so we find these services unnecessary and cumbersome. To learn more about how to register, view our Register for Federal Grants page.

Are there grants available for first time farmers?
Yes, there are several funding programs available to beginning farmers. For more information on programs for beginning farmers, visit our Beginning Farmers Resource Page.

What grant programs are open each year?
We work with several grant programs each year. There are a handful of grant programs that we consider to be main grant programs for producers and agribusinesses. For more information on those programs, visit our Main Grant Programs Page.  

Is there funding available specifically for farmers markets?
Yes, there are several funding programs available for farmers markets. For more information on programs for farmers markets, visit our Farmers Market Funding Page.

Do I have to have a business plan to apply for grants?
It is dependent on the grant program. A business plan helps you make key decisions for your business and shows if your business will be profitable and sustainable in the next 3 to 5 years. A business plan can help you complete the grant application and might give additional points when applying for certain programs. 

Contact Us Today

The first step to working with the AGFP is to contact us to be placed on our funding email list and ask about funding options for your farm or farm-related business. 

Call the main KCARD office at (859) 550-3972.