Setting Yourself Up for Success This Holiday Season

While it is important to always invest in marketing your business, the holidays bring a unique opportunity. Customers are looking for inspiration as they finalize meal plans, gifts and decorations. Make it easy for them to see your brand as a solution to their problems.

  1. Start Early: Map out what product or products you would like to target, social media strategy, and who will oversee what.

  2. Connect with Emotions: Most people can be nostalgic over the holidays. This can be a perfect time to build on those emotions as you promote your brand.

  3. Collaborate: Partner with a charity if possible and donate a portion of your customer sales. Reward your loyal customers with special discounts or exclusive deals.

  4. Create Content: Short promotional videos can increase your social media reach and this season could be a perfect time to highlight some key products. Set aside some time and create 10 key post ideas for the last few months of the year and add pictures.

  5. Promote, promote, promote! It is important to promote the content you create to make sure the right audience is seeing all that hard work. Working within the parameters of your budget, see if you can boost a few social media posts, invest in AdWords on Google or bust into Instagram Ads.

Your holiday marketing strategy can help boost and generate more sales this holiday season. KCARD has services to assist you in developing your holiday marketing strategy. For more information on how KCARD can assist you with marketing contact us today at 859-550-3972 or at