Five Ways to Share Your Story

Sharing the story of your business is a way to make a stronger connection with your customers and can give them a compelling reason to buy from you. So, how do you capitalize on your story when developing promotional plans for your business?

  1. Have clear goals and outcomes in mind.
    What do you hope to accomplish with your marketing? Goals help you figure out what you want to achieve. In addition to goals, a great business story leaves the audience with a clear message with action points that drive your customers to connect with your brand. Example: Have 2 meaningful conversations per week about CSA at farmers market throughout the season that results in 8 new members.

  2. Be true to your brand.
    Authenticity is key to your business’s brand and building trust with your customers. Being genuine will connect with more customers than an over-the-top story. Letting your personality shine through in how you market and what you say is key to keeping customers engaged. For example, if you have a CSA, provide family recipes in each box with a short note about why your family loves that recipe.

  3. Cross promote between social media platforms and traditional marketing.
    How you tell your story should drive your customers to visit you on other platforms or come visit you in-person (if able) to learn more. You can begin your story in-person, then encourage your customers to check out your social media pages to learn more or hear more of your story, or vice versa.

  4. Get others involved.
    People like to be a part of stories. Don’t assume that employees or family know what is going in your marketing efforts. Educate and encourage them to participate and share their connection to the brand. This will not only help build rapport with employees but will create positive customer experiences.  Also consider capitalizing on key customer stories by encouraging them to share their story with your brand.

  5. Don’t give all the story away.
    Make sure your brand’s story is a page turner by giving small excerpts of the story. It’s an opportunity to use multiple platforms and marketing media, both online and offline. Telling your story is an on-going process, so continue to share your story as you add new chapters.

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