Every Square Foot

If you have a retail spot or retail product at a farmers market, you have some valuable real estate.  Every square foot of that space has the potential to earn money and you need to use that space as effectively as you can to maximize your profit. 

Three tips for using every square foot to increase your sales:

1)  Restock, Don’t Stop!

Every time you don’t restock the quart of squash, jar of salsa, or bunch of beets that just sold, you’re missing the opportunity to sell it. Not only do you miss out on that item’s potential sales, but also the potential sales of other products. It all comes down to perceived abundance: “Pile it high and watch it fly!” is the farmers market standby advice. Don’t give late customers the impression that they’re shopping leftovers.

Pro tip: Use “filler” in the bottom of baskets and display the product on top to create perceived abundance at the end of the day.

2)  Recognize the Value of Every Foot. 

Retail space is valuable, and every foot of your space should be used.  Placing items near check-out that are easy to pick up, inexpensive add-ons, and attractive will increase your average sale.  Placing high-demand and easy-to-sell items near the front can help attract people into your space to check out your other merchandise.  

Pro tip: Think vertically (Example: grocery store produce displays). Vertical displays automatically increase visibility and sales area square footage.

3)  Make Labels a Priority.

Don’t save making labels or price tags until the display is ready, 5 minutes after market opening. Labels should be designed for your market needs before you get to market. Create labels that are easy to read, durable, with clear pricing, and offer advice or education when possible.  

Pro tip: Use labels as another way to distinguish your farm by including a simple sketch, variety name, or cooking tips. Be sure to keep labels clean and properly stored so that they last at least one season.

Whether you have a permanent retail space or just set up at the local farmers market, use these three simple tips to increase your average transaction and attract more customers. KCARD can work with you on flow of the space and give you thoughts on how to improve your customer experience by taking a good look at the space.  For assistance on analyzing your retail space, contact us at 859-550-3972 or via email at kcard@kcard.info.