Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions by clients and those unfamiliar with KCARD.
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Where are you located?

KCARD has a main business address of 411 Ring Road, Elizabethtown, KY. However, all of our staff work remotely, and this office is primarily used as a meeting space. Our team members are located in the following counties throughout the Commonwealth of Kentucky: Christian, Pulaski, Whitley, Anderson, Boyle, Metcalfe, and Menifee. 

How much do you charge?

Thanks to the support that we receive from the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, USDA Rural Development, and other public funders, KCARD charges no fees for the majority of our services.  KCARD does typically charge for feasibility studies, grant recordkeeping, and other specialized services.  For those projects, clients are notified in advance that the service has a fee associated with it, which varies based on the complexity of the project.

Who Funds KCARD?

KCARD receives grants through the Kentucky Agricultural Development Board, the USDA Rural Cooperative Development Grant, and other funding agencies. 

Is KCARD part of state government? UK? USDA? Kentucky Department of Agriculture?  Just who is KCARD? 

No, while we work closely with all of these partners, we are not part of Kentucky’s state government, the University of Kentucky, the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, or USDA.  KCARD is an independent non-profit organization that was established to provide business advisory services and technical assistance to agriculture-based businesses in Kentucky.  After the master tobacco settlement agreement, agricultural leaders in Kentucky recognized the need for an independent center to provide management and marketing assistance to producers who were being encouraged to diversify away from tobacco production.  

Will my information be kept confidential?

Yes, we keep confidential any proprietary business or financial information we receive.  We are required to report to our funders who we work with and generally what we do for their reporting requirements, but that does not include confidential business information.  

What grants does KCARD have available?

KCARD does not manage or distribute any grant funding. Through our grant facilitation program, we work with you to find, apply for, and manage funding from state, federal and regional funding agencies and funders.