KCARD offers trainings and programs for individuals, cooperatives, and agricultural businesses to help you take your business to the next level.

board trainings

Elements of an Effective Board Meeting

Board Meeting Training PowerPoint

The board of Directors of any organization/business is an important body that plays the key position between member/owners and hired management. A well-functioning Board of Directors is essential for an organization to not only meet legal requirements, but also to successfully achieve their goals. KCARD provides Board Training to mutually owned agricultural and rural based businesses, including cooperatives, LLCs, and nonprofit organizations. Topics KCARD has addressed in previous board trainings include:

  • Conflict Management

  • Board Members- Roles & Responsibilities

  • Officers- Roles & Responsibilities

  • Conducting Board Meetings & Understanding Parliamentary Procedure

  • Corporate Records that Must be Kept and Maintained- General & Financial

quickbooks and excel training

KCARD provides training services to employees for basic computer applications, such as Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks. If a business has a training need outside of KCARD’s capabilities, we will assist the business to locate proper training.

manager and staff training

KCARD recognizes the value of professional management in the success of business operations. KCARD provides training to new managers on the vital management functions. For managers of cooperatives, KCARD provides training and education materials on cooperative basics and principles.