business review

The business plan development process sets the organization up properly, but further assistance is needed as unforeseen issues arise. KCARD works closely with established businesses to assist with the decision-making fundamentals required to operate an effective and efficient operation. KCARD also reaches out to businesses each year to touch base on how the previous year has gone and to make any needed updates to the business plan.

marketing analysis

A well‐defined marketing plan helps businesses make the most of their marketing dollars. If a business has already developed a marketing plan, KCARD can provide a review for an existing business’ social media and online management and/or marketing plan. KCARD will also work closely with the business to make the necessary updates to the marketing plan.

business management and operations analysis (BMOa)

BMOA is a comprehensive study of business’ operations. The objective is to provide a business’ management and the board of directors with information and materials that will help in the planning and decision making. It also provides the business with benchmark materials from which to measure progress and growth during the next few years.

Recordkeeping also becomes more important as a result of growth, so KCARD provides services that are tailored to specific client needs. Recordkeeping systems need to be evaluated periodically and changed as needs and business activity changes.

recordkeeping assistance

  • Facility and Store Layout Assessment

  • Board Meeting Participation

other services